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A few notes and some WIP shots of miniatures I’ve painted.


How to paint: Warriors of Rohan

With the upcoming release of The Battle of Pellenor Fields – a new starter box for MESBG I never thought I’d see – I wanted to come up with a quick way to paint the Rohan contingent. So here it is – not going to win any painting awards, but with minimal layers and limited use of washes you should be able to get a batch of them painted up quite quickly. Combine with...

How to Paint: Gandalf on Cart

When approaching this model, I chose to paint each component separately before assembly. Each component was primed with Vallejo Surface Primer Black. The Cart Each wooden element of the cart followed the same basic method. Basecoat with Dryad Bark. Shade with Agrax Earthshade. Drybrush with Steel Legion Drab, focussing on edges and the wood grain. Drybrush lightly with Zandri Dust, again...

How to Paint: Bilbo Baggins

I’m not a professional painter – or even a great painter – by any means. But, I know I found guides like this extremely helpful when I was learning how to paint miniatures. Hopefully someone will find the following guide helpful! With the exception of Primer I use exclusively Citadel paints – for no other reason than it’s easy to get hold of a pot or two when...

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