January 2018


Unboxing: The Nazgul of Dol Guldur 1 and 2

I picked up a set of each at the Warhammer World New Years Open Day. Loved the look of these since Khamul was teased on the Warhammer Community site – seeing both the studio painted set and Jay’s with the Necromancer really showed off how good they are. Think I’ll be painting these up next! Here’s some snaps of them out of the box. The Nazgul of Dol Guldur 1 The Nazgul of...

Hobby Goals 2018

Happy New Year! Time to set some hobby goals – here’s what I’d like to achieve in 2018: Paint a complete Thorin’s Company Empty the WiP cabinet: Currently has 3 Bloodbowl goblins, Treebeard, Helms Deep Aragorn, a Dunedain archer, Frodo and Sam in Orc armour and a Gothmog I found on eBay. I want to at least make some progress on Smaug. Next job is to fill gaps. I painted...

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