Maw Greenskins


It’s time for my bi-annual blog post. Does that mean twice a year or once every two years? Yes.

I spent a couple of months away from painting at the backend of last year, felt a bit burned out and decided to paint a Balrog. Obviously that project is still “In progress”.

As usual, when I got back into the spirit – around Christmas – I went straight back to my comfort zone, Lord of the Rings. ‘Twas the season! Painted up Theoden, Denethor, Aragorn, Hobbits and Saruman in quick succession. Need to backdate my blog a bit with some of those!

After this though, I fancied painting something green again. Picked up the limited Gorzag Gitstompa box around Boxing Day and was really happy with how that came out.

Gorzag Gitstompa
Wee Nikkit

Once I’d done those, I naturally wanted to paint up Makari – no Ghaz yet, waiting for inspiration to strike for that one!

The grot, the legend – Makari

Then I dug this out of the Gobapalooza box randomly, as I’d not added anything to my Goblin shelf for a while.


After painting a few more Lord of the Rings models, I finally put together Morgok’s Krushas and decided to paint my first Iron Jawz.

Get ‘em, Boyz!

I was really happy with how they came out and this lead to me taking on the mighty Maw-Krusha, which ended up taking up most of my hobby time in March.

This thing is huge.

With the exception of Ironskull’s Boyz I’ll be finishing off between projects I’m moving on from Greenskins…for now.

I’m currently reading more about the Mortal Realms and have taken a shine to Morathi and Daughters of Khaine, I’ve put together the excellent new Treebeard model and of course I’ve jumped in headfirst into Cursed City which will probably take me a good few months to paint up!

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