Painting a Lake-town House


I bought the Lake-town house set on the weekend of release, when I was still foolishly aiming to own everything Games Workshop had produced for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit.

I bashed it together without any thought, didn’t attach half the bits and left some unsightly gaps and sprayed it with some leftover Mournfang Brown spray – I don’t even think they make this any more!

Then it went in the TODO shelf in the cabinet – for several years!

I watched a tutorial a while back on how to paint the Rohan House kit – another unbuilt terrain kit I own – and started formulating a plan for painting my Lake-town house based on some of the colour schemes in the video.

A WIP shot when it looked like something from Hansel and Gretel

As I’d been painting exclusively minis for #weeklywarhammer, I thought a week project of some terrain would be a nice break. I re-sprayed the kit and I decided to treat it as a rescue; neglecting to fill any gaps etc. Just set my goal and went for it!

The entire thing was painted with Contrast, washes and dry-brushing apart from a bit of silver here and there and some Steel Legion Drab on the windows.

It could have been better, but looks the part even with this simple scheme

As usual there’s things I don’t like too much about it, but it’s looking nicer in the cabinet than its previously boring brown self. The kit itself is great, with plenty of options and bits for other projects – barrels and the boat are great.

I particularly like how the red aged wood came out – it’s simply a layer of Blood Angels Red Contrast, then dry-brushed with Dawnstone, Administratum Grey and Grey Seer.

If you’d like to paint one consider grabbing one from Goblin Gaming or Element Games.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

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