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My collection of Games Workshop’s Middle-earth miniatures has grown and shrank in size over the last 15 years, in which time I’ve picked up a few miniatures that were never released to the public and some made in limited quantities. There were always miniatures though I never thought I’d get to paint. Recently, GW have been releasing some of these gems as part of Made to Orders or as WHW exclusives. This post is about my favourites!

Uruk Hai Scout

Always one of my favourite unreleased models – I never managed to even get close to owning one – released with some other minis that had moved to Finecast, setting somewhat of a precedent for some other minis that recently were repacked – Boromir for example moved from Finecast to metal.

He’s the one at the back in this image, with a two handed axe.

Gamling with Sword

Bought this from a collector a couple of years ago, planned for it to be a centrepiece for my growing Rohan army. Had it built and primed to paint during #Rohanuary but never got around to it.

At the Middle-earth GT seminar, the team announced it would see it’s first release as part of the next Made-to-order:

After the announcement, I decided to get mine painted up. Pretty happy with how he turned out after all this time sat primed and waiting.


Bilbo Baggins

Ever since I got my hands on the alternate Thorin’s company that was featured in the Hobbit Rulebook, I wondered if they’d release the Bilbo too. It’s an event exclusive that was Made-to-order for a limited time around Bilbo’s birthday. I love the sculpt! So tiny though. Not sure when I’ll get around to painting this one.

That’s it for now – I’ll try and update this post when I’ve painted some minis!

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