Upcoming Middle-earth SBG Warhammer World & Event Exclusives 2019


Since retiring the old line of exclusives last year, we’ve been waiting to see what would take their place.

At this year’s Nova Open, several items were made available for the first time.

I’ll update this post with prices and availability as I find out more.

These have now been put on the shelves at Warhammer World!

Defenders of Lake-town™ – Bard™, Legolas™ and Tauriel™

Similar to the exclusive Thorin’s Company, Bard was spotted in the rulebooks way back when but never released.

Not only has he been made available for the first time, but a previously unreleased – and previously unseen – Legolas and Tauriel sculpt was packaged alongside him.

The three pack was also sold as a Made to Order on FW for a week.

Material: Forgeworld Resin. Price: £26

Bilbo Baggins

Photo credit: Inquisitor Gideon on Dakka

Another unreleased sculpt! Really excited by this one, as I’ve been wanting it for a long while!

Material: Forgeworld Resin. Price: £11

The Ringbearers

Another surprise item first seen at Nova – existing sculpts cast in clear resin representing the ring bearers.

This set is a great chance to get your hands on the bilbo sculpt previously only available with Smaug.

UPDATE: Available on MTO for a week sometime after Christmas 2019

Weird…post was edited to remove mention of MTO.

Material: Clear Resin. Price: £26

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