Hobbitarn’s Hobby Highlights: Issue 1

Here you’ll find a curated list of tweets and links I’ve found interesting, inspiring or useful this week. I hope to put out a post like this every week going forward, but like everything else blog related I’ll probably get distracted by something small and plastic that needs some paint on it. Today’s a great day to write this article, as it’s the night before...

Lake-town Guard and Lake-town Militia

Lake-town Guard and Lake-town Militia are now available in 12 packs for £40 from GW on pre-order. Previously only available in blisters of three for £15, this is a great move from the Middle Earth team. They’ve basically brought 2 sets of minis in line with the price Iron Hills dwarves, saved some SKUs (to offer more OOP products hopefully!) and made some of the more expensive minis in the...

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