Hobbitarn’s Hobby Highlights: Issue 1


Here you’ll find a curated list of tweets and links I’ve found interesting, inspiring or useful this week. I hope to put out a post like this every week going forward, but like everything else blog related I’ll probably get distracted by something small and plastic that needs some paint on it.

Today’s a great day to write this article, as it’s the night before Christmas Games Workshop’s online store re-opening, which I’ve not only taken as a great sign for our hobby, but a small glimmer of some normality returning to our lives. As long as they can re-open safely, I’m all for it.

Anyway, how about some hobby?

Tiny Plen

First up is this super looking Aeronautica Imperialis mini from Jamie the Jasper on Twitter. Having just started to learn some weathering techniques on my minis, I’m really impressed by this – especially at the scale!

Alarielle. Because you’re worth it.

That’s a good looking insect! Alarielle the Everqueen painted by Meg. Some nice earthy tones in there, contrasting with some nice bright colours on the head-dress and wings – I’m a big fan of the markings on the beetle too!
Also well done to me for resisting the urge to include as many Beatles puns as I possibly could.

Look at dis ‘ere den

Check out the cheeky grin on this work in progress Deff Dread by Crispis. It caught my eye as I’ve recently painted one up. I really like the crisp details, and Crispis has done a great job on the shiny green lenses.

Mollog SMASH

A lovely diorama piece of everyone’s favourite grumpy Troggoth, Mollug by Jo. It’s quite different to most Mollog’s I’ve seen, really eye catching – especially the way he’s framed by those gorgeous trees. Skin tones are superb.


What can I say? I love grots. This one has a gun, but it’s just a bit of fun. Until his mate stabs you probably. Great little mini from Matt – the entire thing made me smile. Really digging the flag!


Until I get my hands on that sweet Ghaz mini, I’m content watching WAAAAAAAAGH Mouse paint one. Love the face in this photo, screams maniacal warlord. Detail on the lenses is great too. I’m a big fan of lenses at the minute!

From the tubez!

Here’s a couple of videos I’ve bookmarked – found them useful when making my Orky plans.

You can make a few tweaks with the colours on this one for cool results!

And finally…

High quality graphic design, in an Orky fashion. See you next week! Probably.

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