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It’s time for my bi-annual blog post. Does that mean twice a year or once every two years? Yes.

Painting a Lake-town House

I bought the Lake-town house set on the weekend of release, when I was still foolishly aiming to own everything Games Workshop had produced for Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. I bashed it together without any thought, didn’t attach half the bits and left some unsightly gaps and sprayed it with some leftover Mournfang Brown spray – I don’t even think they make this any more...

Unreleased miniatures: My favourites

My collection of Games Workshop’s Middle-earth miniatures has grown and shrank in size over the last 15 years, in which time I’ve picked up a few miniatures that were never released to the public and some made in limited quantities. There were always miniatures though I never thought I’d get to paint. Recently, GW have been releasing some of these gems as part of Made to Orders...

Upcoming Middle-earth SBG Warhammer World & Event Exclusives 2019

Since retiring the old line of exclusives last year, we’ve been waiting to see what would take their place. At this year’s Nova Open, several items were made available for the first time. I’ll update this post with prices and availability as I find out more. These have now been put on the shelves at Warhammer World! Defenders of Lake-town™ – Bard™, Legolas™ and Tauriel™ Similar...

Heroes of Helms Deep

This was one of the first boxes I picked up when I got back in to the hobby a few years ago.
After picking up the Helms Deep walls set, I thought it was about time I painted it up.
It’s taken me about 2 months between other minis (and Christmas etc!). Looking at the minis side by side now it’s interesting how my technique has changed (mostly improved) in just a couple of months.

Unboxing: The Nazgul of Dol Guldur 1 and 2

I picked up a set of each at the Warhammer World New Years Open Day. Loved the look of these since Khamul was teased on the Warhammer Community site – seeing both the studio painted set and Jay’s with the Necromancer really showed off how good they are. Think I’ll be painting these up next! Here’s some snaps of them out of the box. The Nazgul of Dol Guldur 1 The Nazgul of...

Hobby Goals 2018

Happy New Year! Time to set some hobby goals – here’s what I’d like to achieve in 2018: Paint a complete Thorin’s Company Empty the WiP cabinet: Currently has 3 Bloodbowl goblins, Treebeard, Helms Deep Aragorn, a Dunedain archer, Frodo and Sam in Orc armour and a Gothmog I found on eBay. I want to at least make some progress on Smaug. Next job is to fill gaps. I painted...

Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Warhammer World Exclusives

UPDATE: These exclusives have now been retired to make way for new exclusives for 2019. ANOTHER UPDATE: I was at WHW on November 1st. There was still a few copies of Ambush at Amon Hen and Final Fate of the Witch-king on the shelves. There’s currently several products that are only available at Warhammer World or events attended by the Middle Earth Team. What they are and what they cost...

Happy Birthday Bilbo!

And Frodo, of course.
September 22nd marks both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ birthdays.
A fitting day to launch my new website!

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