Hobby Goals 2018


Happy New Year!

Time to set some hobby goals – here’s what I’d like to achieve in 2018:

  • Paint a complete Thorin’s Company
  • Empty the WiP cabinet: Currently has 3 Bloodbowl goblins, Treebeard, Helms Deep Aragorn, a Dunedain archer, Frodo and Sam in Orc armour and a Gothmog I found on eBay.

  • I want to at least make some progress on Smaug. Next job is to fill gaps.
  • I painted well over my target of 52 minis this year; some for me, some commissions. I’m going to aim for 100 this year.

Wife got me Arwen for Christmas, so that’s going to be my first mini of 2018.

Right. I’ve said it now, so best get on with it.

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