Gildor Inglorion


This post is a bit of a cheating one – there’s no mention of Gildor in the Tale of Years, or really in the movies – more on that shortly.

The inspiration to paint this miniature comes from the scenarios found in the Fellowship journey book, and from reading a little more of The Fellowship of the Ring.

When Frodo, Sam and Pippin leave Hobbiton, pursued by riders in black, they meet by chance a company of Elves. Sensing their quandary, Gildor insists the Hobbits stay with them for the night.

The encounter is nodded to in a scene in the Extended Edition of FOTR, when Frodo and Sam watch a group of Elves from afar whilst on their journey out of the shire.

This mini is made from metal, and was available as part of the Guardians of the Shire boxed-set, as well as on its own.

It’s a nice pose, depicting Gildor ready to fight to protect the Shire from intruders.

It’s another fairly sought after mini in the range, so I’m glad to have one painted and on display.

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