Gildor Inglorion

This post is a bit of a cheating one – there’s no mention of Gildor in the Tale of Years, or really in the movies – more on that shortly. The inspiration to paint this miniature comes from the scenarios found in the Fellowship journey book, and from reading a little more of The Fellowship of the Ring. When Frodo, Sam and Pippin leave Hobbiton, pursued by riders in black, they...

Speed Painting

Ages ago I painted the cloak of a high elf swordsman to practice a bit of blending. It’s been floating around my desk ever since. Last night I finally decided to complete it – set myself a target of 30 minutes. Took more like an hour to paint and base it. Not up to my usual standard, but I’m happy with the finished article. Especially for the time that went in. It’s...

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