Blood Bowl: Skavenblight Scramblers


The only Blood Bowl teams I’ve painted before were my failed goblin team – I finished one miniature – and an Undead team I painted on commission.

Due to all the hype/excitement around the upcoming release of Blood Bowl with its glorious new Ork models and Snotlings – my love of Greenskins is showing – I had a sudden urge to paint a team.

My first and only Goblin Team member

Initially I was leaning towards Halflings or Lizardmen, but settled on Skaven at the last minute – mainly I think because I had some Underworlds Skaven to paint as a practice run.

I’m not a fan of painting large batches, so doing all 12 miniatures at once was quite a challenge for me – I also wanted to get them done in a week for #weeklywarhammer. All in all they took me 10 evenings to complete. They won’t win any prizes but happy with the result.

When it comes to basing my miniatures, I have 2 slightly boring recipes. A muddy one, and a cavern one. For these miniatures, I wanted to do something a bit different. Inspired by the Skaven Blood Bowl pitch, I modified my base design and made use of some Contrast and Technical paints to add some glowing pools of nastiness.

Much green

Although the completed team won’t win any awards, it’s turned out to be a nice looking job and I’m happy with the quality vs. turnaround time.

I’m already thinking what team to paint next! 🤔

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